sábado, 7 de março de 2009


When I got here, I didn't expect that this thay would come... and now I see, it came so fast.
Serious, that was the most fantastic experience that i've ever had in all my life. All the thinks that i've learned, all the people that I met and how much I grow up.
If I could stay more months, it would be awsome, but its time to say goodbye, unfortunantly.
Well, i was woke up by Andre, took my suitcases and went do the check out. While I was doing the check out, Maude came... she seemed sad... after this, I went say goodbye to Ho Sup, and Emi. Crazy went down stairs too, and she cryed... me too.
The hardest part was to say goodbye to Ho Sup and Crazy, couse I know that it will be difficult to see them again...
The taxi! SHIT...
Well, I took my last pictures with them: Ho Sup and Crazy with the brasil T-shirt that i gave them! I hold both, said goodbye... and... well, this is the end.
Cindy, Dafne, Karina, Lays, Ho Sup, Maude and Crazy.. EVERYBODY there in the last day.
I will mis them so much.... SO MUCH.

thank u for the travel, mom.

Day 53

Today was Fe's, Paula's and Gabi's time... i just dont need to say how sad it was... I think u can imagine... The next is me...

Day 52

Tiago has gone... I've cryed so much, it was so sad seeing him going.
Well, I thought that day would veber come back, but we are in this moment now, time to say goodbye.

segunda-feira, 23 de fevereiro de 2009

Day 49

I am so sad today... everybody is doing the suitcases to go away.. I will really miss these people... This was the best travel of my life!

Today I went to walmart with Dafne, Fe, Maude and the sister and grandmother of Dafne. I bought my apple jacks, froot loops etc... hmmmmm
I dont know if i told u guys, but when the family of dafne came, me and cindy had to prepare a surprise and I had to lock dafne in my room, so we told her a history that Thiago has gone to the jail and the police was entering in all rooms etc... just to keep her in our room. hahahaha
Ok.. yesterday Cindy went to the hospital. It was funny by one side, couse we had to call 911, just becouse she was with high pressure.. So when the ambulance came, there was like 7 mans looking at her and she was trying not to laugh about the situation, but Ze was not helping with. HAHAHAHA. anyway, we went to the hospital and after 2 hours there, the doctyors let us go withou NO medicine. GO FUUUUCK!
There in the hospital, we saw Amy, the japanese girls of ELS.. she broke her finger.

domingo, 22 de fevereiro de 2009

Day 48

I woke up at 2pm. I lost the luch and the breakfast, so me, liana and dafne asked some pizza.
We ate it all (hahaha) than, after dome hours, we went to Publix and bought some smirnoffs, went to donnuts and came back to eckerd.
We decided our night: Go to eckerd's party than go to our friend's birthday.
We went to this eckerd 'party'( if this can be called party)... when we got there, everybody was down, the music was only in a small room and there was NOBODY there, only me and Liana dancing and thying to have some fun (almost impossible in american's partys).
After hours, after we came back to sigma and go again there, it was crowded and a little more confortable and fun. We danced a loooooot but, anyway, we gave up. The americans really dont know how to do a party. I have to introduce them BRASILIAN songs, BRASILIAN patys...
We had this idea there, and decided to come back, take some iPod with Funk and go back there, but nobody here has a iPod with funk, so we had do keep listening the bullshit that they call 'good music'. Anyway, The security AND the police entered in the party! The lucky is that I was outside talking with Cindy, so nothing happened, thanks god.
Now I am here, going to sleep!

Day 47

Today I finally did my fake ID.
We went to Jackson's.. it is a night club in Tampa. It was SOOOO good.
Before we go, I was so down... I did not have clothes to go couse I've already done my suitcase. So I was engry and I almost didnt go. But that I had the brilliant idea to take my skirt and my blause and put together, like a dress. I was ready to go!
Ho Sup was outside of the room with me waiting to me to go. When I was going to the car, he asked me to go together, but I couldn't let him go with me couse the car was not mine... Ok, back... Me, Liana, Dafne, Paulinha and Gabi. everybody in Ryan's car. He is so... big! and cute... anyway, we got in jackson's and we all (girls) was scared about our fake IDs, becouse we could envolve ourselfs with the police. But well, it worked! The security lokked at our fake IDs and didnt say anything and we passed.
Inside was soo crowded. We were in VIP, it is a table in live air... we could drink whatever we wanted but the shit was thet we had to go to the table everytime... like, a group of people, while the others was dancing, took care of the table. When these people came back, the other went dancin'... Ok. There was 4 places of different kinds of music: Latin, RAP, eletronic and dance. In the place of RAP, there was a 'cheese'* and Me and Liana danced all night long in the 'cheese'. HAHAHAHA it was greeeeeeat! I really had a good time there.
One time, when we was in the 'cheese', I was thinking about ho sup, 'couse I left him in eckerd and he wanted to come together... In this EXACTLY time, he appeard behind me! Like... what? how did he get there, u know? hahahaha. It was funny!! I liked soooooo much this night!
When it was 2:45am, the lights turn on and the party was over. I miss Rio, the partys here end sooo early! Oh, one thing that I forgot to say.. we met some brasilian people in jacksons... a guy.. he is so cute, but a little gay! hahahaha. we took his celphone and mabe we will go to other night club in downtown with him.
After Jackson's, we went to some Arabian's house., It was SOOOOOO boring.. we got out of there about 2 hour and a half after. We got in eckerd and this is the end...

*Cheese: Tipo um palquinho com um cano de ferro no meio pra dancar.

sexta-feira, 20 de fevereiro de 2009

Day 46

After school, I was in my room, doing nothing. after abiut 2 hours, something made me go out of my room to some reason. I felt like I had to go outside, than I decided to go stay with Cindy or Dafne in eastlodge, also becouse Fe is sick and seh wanted to sleep.
When I got in East Lodge, I passes by Fahad's friend's room. Than Fahad called me and i went back. He told me: say goodbye to me, I am leaving... I dindn't belive at first side, but after ask a lot, I saw taht it was really true, he was leaving... I started to cry, and cry, and cry, and i couldnt stop crying. I swer, I was veeeeeery engry and bad.... That we gave each other a lot of hugs and he gave me also a perfum of chanel. So good smell, to remmember him.
That he has gone and I was crying. Cindy e Dafne made me company....
After this, I saw how difficult will be the last day here. I cant even imagine....

Well, After this, me and the girls did our fake IDs. it is PER-FECT!
We'll try to use it. Good luck for us, 'couse if it doesn't work, we can be arrested.